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About Form C-S
Qualifying Conditions for Filing Form C-S
How to e-File Form C-S
Due Date to File Form C-S
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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About Form C-S

To simplify the filing procedure for small companies, IRAS introduced Form C-S. It is a shortened 3-page Income Tax Return for small companies to report their income to IRAS. Small companies that meet qualifying conditions may use Form C-S, instead of Form C, to declare their income.

Compared with the Form C, Form C-S has half the number of line items, comprising:

  • A statement declaring that the company is eligible for Form C-S filing;
  • Information on tax adjustments; and
  • Information from the financial accounts.

Essential tax and financial information applicable to most small companies are required in Form C-S.  Hence, small companies using Form C-S need not submit their financial statements and tax computations to IRAS.

Qualifying Conditions for Filing Form C-S

Your company qualifies for Form C-S filing if it meets the following conditions for the YA:

 Company: Does not claim any of the following: 
  • Is incorporated in Singapore
  • Has an annual revenue* of $1 million or below
  • Derives only income taxable at 17%

* Revenue refers to the main income source of the company excluding separate source income such as interest.

Companies that do not meet the conditions have to submit to IRAS a full set of tax return comprising Form C, financial accounts, tax computation and supporting schedules.

You may use the Form C-S Eligibility Checklist (18KB) to find out whether your company should file Form C-S or Form C.

Companies are required to prepare financial statements and tax computation:

Small companies filing Form C-S are not required to submit their financial statements and tax computations together with Form C-S. Nonetheless, they will still need to maintain proper records of their transactions and prepare their financial statements and tax computations. Such records are to be retained and submitted upon IRAS’ request.

How to e-File Form C-S

From 2 Jun 2014, e-File Form C-S for YA 2014 via myTax Portal and enjoy these benefits!

  • Enjoy an extended filing due date till 15 Dec, instead of 30 Nov when you e-File. 
  • Enjoy filing convenience via myTax Portal with:
    • iHelp facility to guide you along as you e-File
    • In-built formulae to auto-compute certain fields
    • Auto-computation of estimated tax payable
    • Save draft function which allows you to save a draft copy of the tax return up to 15 Dec, until it is ready for submission to IRAS.
  • Receive instant acknowledgement when you have successfully e-Filed.

Find out more about the e-Service “File Income Tax Return (Form C-S)”, Guide to e-Filing Form C-S (3.19MB) and Tips on e-Filing Form C-S.

If your company received Form C but meets the qualifying conditions for filing Form C-S, you can still proceed to e-File Form C-S (you do not need to return the Form C to IRAS for cancellation). Once you discover the simplicity and ease of e-Filing, you will not return to paper forms!

From YA 2014, IRAS will not issue paper copies of Form C-S. If your company cannot e-File Form C-S, please download the softcopy of Form C-S, complete, print and submit the signed copy to IRAS.

Due Date to File Form C-S

The due date for e-Filing of Form C-S is 15 Dec. However, if you choose to paper file Form C-S, the filing due date is 30 Nov.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For more details, please refer to our FAQs (208KB) and Essential information to note when filing Form C-S (174KB).

Corporate Tax Seminars

IRAS has a series of seminars to help you understand your company’s tax filing obligations and Form C-S. Find out more about these seminars.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you need assistance or clarification on Form C-S:

  • Email address:
  • Call us (8 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays):
    1800-356 8622


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Last Updated on 21 April 2014

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